Cancellation Fees

Earn Cancellation Fees in Online Mode

Your Time is Valuable

We know it can be frustrating when a rider cancels a trip after you’ve already made progress to their pickup. When you’re en route & on time, and your rider cancels after 2 minutes, you’ll be paid a Cancellation Fee.*

You’ll receive an SMS notification when you’ll be paid for a cancelled ride. You’ll see your cancellation fees in the ‘Other’ section of your weekly pay Report.


When do I receive a cancellation fee?

You will receive a cancellation fee when your first rider (per trip in Online Mode) cancels 2 minutes after you have accepted the ride and headed to the pickup

What if there’s traffic on my way to a pickup?

As always, head to your pickup as soon as you accept the ride. If you are on the way and the rider cancels 2 minutes later, you will receive the rider cancellation fee considering current traffic.

Where can I find this in my Pay Reports and trip receipts?

Rider cancellation fees will be reflected in your trip receipts and in the “Other” section of your weekly pay reports.

How will I know if I’ve been paid for a cancelled ride in Online Mode?

You will receive an SMS notification like the one below when you’re paid a cancellation fee. You’ll also see it in your trip receipts.

*In the event of system abuse or unauthorized behavior, Driver Partners will automatically and in all respects forfeit eligibility for said cancellation fees.