Work 5 Hours and Earn Guaranteed Pay!

Offer Details : Work 5 hours between 5pm and 12am (midnight)
(valid for date indicated in your text message)

Service & Promotional Details

When: Valid for the date indicated in your text message.

Promotional Earnings: Guaranteed earning when you drive a minimum of 5 hours in the Via System. This offer is valid for hours driven between 5pm – 12am (midnight). Please note- you cannot simultaneously earn the guaranteed promotion and the hourly rate, you will be paid whichever provides the highest amount.

Hourly Rates:  Any additional hours worked will be paid at your usual hourly rates. Please keep an eye on your daily rate text to learn about your rates every day of the week.

Breaks: You can take as many breaks during your shift as you’d like, but must complete 5 working hours in the system during the specified times. Break time does not count toward the hour requirement of this promotional offer.


Do I have to drive for 5 hours continually to earn the guaranteed amount?

No, you can drive any 5 hours, excluding breaks. You can split up your shift if you’d like, but must complete the hour requirement during the specified time period to qualify. Breaks do not count toward the promotions.

Will Via take a Commission on Promotional Guarantees?

Yes. The amount indicated in your received text message is in “gross earnings”. This means before any deductions such as Via’s Commission.

If I work more than 5 hours, which hours will count towards the weekday guarantee?

The guarantee will be based on the first 5 hours driven between 5pm-midnight. All other hours will be paid in the normal daily rate for that day. For example, if your shift runs from 4pm until midnight, you get paid the hourly rate from 4pm-5pm, the guarantee from 5pm-10pm and the hourly rate from 10pm-midnight. Please note that this example does not include any breaks.

What should I do when I get tired?

Please take a break! We encourage you to take breaks whenever you need to, so  you can be alert & safe while on the road. To do so, tap “Take Break” in the ViaPartner App. Please note that breaks are unpaid do not count towards the minimum time requirements for this promotion.

*TLC guidelines prohibit driving for more than 12 continuous hours. Stay safe & rest up!