Earnings and Quick Pay

Tracking your earnings

It’s simple – go to your app menu, and tap on Earnings & Quick Pay to see all your earnings details.

 You’ll be able to track your daily net earnings in both Blue and Online mode, monitor your driving hours and review your weekly earnings progress.

What will I see?

You can track your daily and weekly net earnings, including Blue guarantees, cancellation fees, tips and toll reimbursements. You’ll also be able to review in detail a breakdown of your Online trips, rides and hours driven.

Other payment types like New Driver Promotions, referral bonuses, special promotions, will not be available for view in the Earnings Portal, yet. Don’t worry — we’ll continue to include these payments in your weekly pay report.

Getting paid instantly with Quick Pay

To register for Quick Pay or cash out your available earnings, simply click Get Paid in your Earnings Portal.

When you log in for the first time, you must link your debit card to your account so you can receive direct deposits.

What happens after I register?

Anything you see in your app ‘Earnings’ you’ll be able to cash out through Quick Pay! 

Note: You’ll be charged $0.50 for the transfer.

How much can I cash out through Quick Pay?

Quick Pay enables you to transfer your Blue, Flash Blue, Online mode earnings and tips in real time. We’ll gradually add additional payments types like signing or referral bonuses, special promotions (like guarantees and others), and toll reimbursements. But for now, these will continue to included in your weekly payments.

Can I use Quick Pay at any time?

Yes! Quick Pay will allow you to transfer your earnings whenever you want. If you haven’t done so by Sunday night, no worries — you’ll get your direct deposit for that week on Tuesday as usual!