Drive with ViaBlue ’til Midnight Every Night!

Starting Sunday January 22nd, ViaBlue hours on Sunday will be extended to midnight! That’s right, can now earn guaranteed hourly rates until Midnight 7 days a week!

We’re proud to offer our driver partners more opportunities to drive and earn with Via. Together, we’re revolutionizing how New Yorkers get around!

ViaPartner App

Overnight, your Via Driver app will switch to Flex mode, where you’ll earn the highest fares in town for each ride.

Your Via Driver App may switch back to Blue mode in the morning (as of 6am on weekdays & 10am on weekends) if there is space in Blue mode, so no need to go offline.

To drive with Via Overnight Service, please update your Via Driver App to the latest version. Click below to update your ViaPartner App on your mobile device:


We’re here to help!  Check out our FAQ below or visit our support page. You can also send any questions to


When can I drive with Via?

Via is now available 24/7. This means, you’ll be able to log into either Blue or Flex mode at all times of the day, everyday – including weekends!

In Mixed Service Hours, can I choose between Blue and Flex?

No. During Mixed (Flex & Blue) hours, the system will automatically log you in Blue mode if there is capacity. When Blue mode has reached capacity, you’ll be automatically put in Flex mode!

How do I get paid in Blue mode?

In Blue mode, you’ll receive guaranteed hourly rates. We send you your rates for the next day by sms, so keep an eye out for those rate messages!

How do I get paid in Flex mode?

In Flex mode, you’ll earn competitive fares, and unbeatable sharing bonuses for every ride you complete. Learn more about specific payment info here.

Who can I contact for support?

Via Ops is always a call or text away whenever you’re on the road – day or night! Get in touch with Via Ops for any issue related to a live ride, and we’ll do our best to help you sort things out.