Via Flex Mode: How Do I Get Paid?

Get the most out of your trips in Flex mode!

After every Flex trip, you’ll receive a receipt detailing your earnings. Your Flex trip payments will be deposited every Tuesday.

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Will I still receive hourly rates?

Yes! When you’re in Blue mode, you’ll continue to receive guaranteed hourly rates. When in Flex mode, you’ll be paid for each trip you complete.

Is Via’s commission changing?

Via’s low commission is here to stay! Via will only collect a 10% commission from your trip earnings. In addition, 10% state taxes and fees will be deducted.

Will I earn more when there is higher demand?

Yes! With Via’s Rocket Rates, you are paid more when the system gets busy.

Will Via reimburse tolls?

Yes, of course! All tolls will be reimbursed at the E-ZPass rate.