Goodbye, Threshold – Hello, ViaFlex!

The flexibility you want, the pay you deserve.

Via Partners give us great feedback about what they want to see in the Via System – and we’ve listened. Team Via has been hard at work on our latest feature to bring you a new, more flexible way to drive with Via – threshold free. We’re introducing Flex Mode!

What is Flex?

Via Flex is a new mode in your ViaPartner App that will allow you to be online and accept rides at all times during all Via service hours. Starting Monday, Dec. 19th, your ViaPartner App will have two modes: Blue Mode, where you’ll continue to earn hourly rates & Flex Mode, where you’ll earn guaranteed rates for each ride.

How do I drive in Flex Mode?

When Blue mode is at capacity, your ViaPartner App will automatically place you into Flex mode. No more Threshold – In Flex mode, you’ll have the flexibility to be online with multiple platforms and earn with Via for every ride you service.

How will I get paid in Flex Mode?

  • Earn the highest rates

    We’ll pay you the most competitive rates for every trip you take.

  • Pay the Lowest Commission

    As always, Via collects the lowest commission in the industry – 10%!

  • The Power of Sharing

    In Flex mode, we’ll pay you extra for shared rides. The more riders share, the more you earn!

Stay Tuned…

This weekend, we’ll send you specific information about Flex Mode rates & ViaPartner App updates so you’ll have all the information you need to get on the road!


What Is Flex Mode?

Flex is a new mode in your ViaPartner App, along with Blue Mode, where you’ll accept or decline rides. In Flex Mode, you take the trips you want to take, and you can be online in the Via System when it’s convenient for you.

Why did Via launch Flex mode?

We understand that the Via Threshold was a pain point for many drivers, and limited the flexibility of driving with Via. We’ve launched a second mode of the ViaPartner App to allow all drivers to log into Via, and earn competitive rates by the trip!

Is Via putting an end to hourly guarantees?

No way! Team Via is committed to providing drivers with fair, competitive compensation. In Blue mode, you’ll continue to earn your guaranteed hourly rates. In Flex mode you’ll be paid for each Via trip you complete.

Questions? Send us an email at and we’ll be in touch!

– Team Via