Via Sunday November 13th – Earn up to $225 Guaranteed!

Offer Details : Sunday | Valid for any 6 hours driven after 2:30pm

Promotional Earnings


Hourly Rates


Earn $22/hr Sunday from 10am – 9pm for all hours worked outside of the promotion

Service & Promotional Details

When: Sunday 11/13/16

Weekend Hourly Rates: Earn $22/hr from 10am – 9pm. This rate will be paid for all hours worked outside of the 6 hr promotion.

Weekend Promotional Earnings: Earn $225 when you drive a minimum of 6 hours in the Via System after 2:30pm. Any 6 hours after 2:30pm count toward this minimum. Only 1 offer can be redeemed; offers cannot be combined. Please note- you cannot simultaneously earn the guaranteed promotion and the hourly rate


Do I have to drive for 6 hours continually to earn the guaranteed amount?

No, you can drive any 6 hours, excluding breaks. You can split up your shift if you’d like, but must complete any 6 hours after 2:30pm in the system to qualify. Breaks do not count toward the promotion.

Will Via take a Commission on Promotional Guarantees?

Yes. The amount indicated in your received text message is in “gross earnings”. This means before any deductions such as Via’s commission and 2.5% Black Car Fund Fee