You can upload your documents & payment information in the Via Driver app:

You can review the status of your documents and update them from your app. Plus, changing your banking information is easier than ever — you can do that from the app too!

How it works:

Follow these steps:

1. Go to the app menu (by tapping on the bottom left).

2. Tap “Personal info & Docs.”

3. Go to Profile to update your personal documents, to Vehicles for your vehicle documents or to Banking to update your bank information.

When needed, update your Banking information by Sunday for changes to be reflected during your next pay period.

Keeping your information secure

We are taking every measure to guarantee your Banking information is secure. That’s why when you need to make edits to it, you will first be asked for you birth date.

We love having you at our Driver Centers, but we also love saving you some valuable time with just a couple of clicks here and there.