Via’s Metris Referral Bonus

Earned when your referral completes 100 rides in 2 weeks!


Get started:

Step 1: Refer a Metris Driver

It is easy! Open your app, click on ‘Refer drivers’ and send them a text. This way, they’ll sign up using your name and you’ll be up for a bonus!

Step 2: Earn Your Bonus!*

You’ll receive your Referral Bonus if your referral completes 100 rides with Via within 2 weeks!

Questions? Check out our Support Page!

*Terms of Use:  Earnings limited to qualified referrals, as determined by Via in its sole discretion. A qualified referral must complete 100 rides within 15 days from the date of activation on the Via platform. All 100 rides must be completed in a Mercedes Metris and any rides completed in another vehicle type will not count towards the 100-ride qualification threshold.

A qualified referral can only be counted once, and must register to drive with Via by clicking on the participant’s referral link. The intended purpose of the referral program is to enable participants to share referral links with friends, family, and on personal social media networks only with individuals known personally to the referring rider.  Participants are prohibited from posting their referral links on public websites including forums, blogs, or coupon code aggregators. Via reserves the right to disqualify participants from future participation in the referral program and/or to rescind any referral bonus granted to participants if Via determines that such participant violated these Terms, including by posting his or her referral link on a prohibited website. This offer is valid for a limited time only and may be revoked or altered at any time at Via’s sole discretion, including after a referral has been made. These Terms are subject to change at Via’s sole discretion.  Last update: October 24, 2019.